Saturday, January 12, 2008

Top 10 Free Software

By http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.comYou get the best free software news at FSDaily… because YOU decide what’s important. Here are the top 10 FSDaily stories from the last week as voted by the members. Don’t like ‘em? Think something’s missing? Want to know more? Head to FSDaily and get voting!
Top 10 stories:


GPLv3 - The Year in Review —The Year in Review Report is intended to give you a summary of what has happened to the GPLv3 over the past 6 months, and review some of our highlights for the year. Read more…(

2008: The Year that MS Loses the Notebook Wars? —Face it, now that the dam has broken with the OLPC, the EEE PC and now the prospect of Everex’s Cloudbook coming out in January at CES, Microsoft is really feeling the heat from Linux in this market. It also doesn’t help that people have reacted to Microsoft’s UMPC hardware offering with either loathing, disbelief ($1100 for THAT?!) or just plain ignored it. [Read more…](

3 down, 1 to go: Warner Music Group drops DRM —Warner Music has bent beneath the force of the anti-DRM winds sweeping the globe. The label will now offer its complete catalog, DRM-free, through Amazon’s new MP3 store. Read more…

Why are people still installing Windows on the EEE PC? —If it’s easy to learn and easy to use, how come people are still installing Windows on the EEE PC? Read more…l

Happy Public Domain Day! —via digitalcitizen => Public Domain Day challenges: what effect does copyright power have on us socially? Read more…l

Has GNOME finally killed off KDE in the Ubuntu interface wars? —Things are not looking good for KDE, following the news that KDE will not be getting long term support (LTS) whereas GNOME will according to Canonical. Read more…l

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